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Over the years, we have realized that education is not just about textbooks or exams, it stretches far beyond everything we have experienced so far. Education at its best should be filled with possibilities for growth and exposure, Microtec Events brings in the right mixture of exposure and possibilities that’ll help the students find their career opportunities.

Through the varied educational expos that we have conducted over the years, by bringing in acclaimed and proven celebrities and professionals from the field, it was all about setting up a stage for growth. The students get to interact with the guests, learn about their future possibilities and through varied activities, it’s all about serving an international exposure on a platter.

The MBA Journey

bringing together a nurturing ground for MBA students from varied walks of life, The MBA Journey is one of the biggest educational expos in India. With diverse MBA colleges, MBA students and professionals from the industry, MBA Journey is a celebration for MBA aspirants.

The idea here is to impart lessons through exposure, by bringing in celebrities and other proven professionals, we make sure that the learners get the best exposure possible. Our efforts are all for bringing together a group of learning aspirants in order to create a nurturing ground for dreams. 

The Career Journey

Education should never be all about academia, it should stretch far beyond that. The Career Journey is one of the finest educational expos in the country working towards the same mission and vision. By bringing in Academic Professionals from varied walks of life, we try to provide an amicable atmosphere for learning. 

Under one roof, we bring in different professionals, colleges and celebrities for you to explore and learn. This is where you get started for your future journey. From experienced and acclaimed personas, we try to impart the kind of education that you’ll get from nowhere else. Education should be made memorable, and our educational expos are all conducted in favour of the idea. 

Educational Expos - In Short

Far reaching impact 

Exposure for a better quality life

Future opportunities

Learning made fun

Interaction with professionals and celebrities

New-age Education

Doing the right thing, at the right time.