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Over the course of the last 24 years, Microtec has provided admission services to all the reputed national and international colleges for students in pursuit of their dreams. It’s often the admission services that can become quite hectic and time-consuming, an experienced guide in this area can take you a long way ahead and in fulfilling your dreams.

Our team is experienced and professionally qualified to handle your admission procedures. That’s how we lift the burden from your end and mould it into our passion project. Over the years we have built up a reputation for being the most professionally qualified admission providers in the country. Through tie-ups with 50+ highly ranked universities across India, we make sure the seat you deserve is all yours.

Timing and impeccability is what we thrive on, we don’t let anything come in between your dream for college and our actions to secure the same. Through a passionate and diligent team, 24 years of experience, networking and sheer hard work, we are all about securing that seat for you.

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Step 2: We provide you with a ‘career-guide’

Step 3: Sorting your passion through free career counselling

Step 4: Expert Counselling, aptitude testing & providing options

Step 5: Choosing a College

Step 6: Reserving your seat

Step 7: Confirmation

Step 8: Joining when classes start