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Microtec – An Educational Umbrella A World for Education that covers and captures every minor detail in the field, the vision that formed the crux of Microtec Educational Services. Over the last 23 years, we have continuously and consistently added on to the idea of Education. Vibrant wings that caters to each and every Educational Need of yours. Microtec has always been committed to the same dream. Together, let’s Reinvent, Redefine and Revolutionize Education.

Microtec Skill

Education, over the years have been demanding for a more innovative approach. Microtec Skills pack highly demanded skills including AI, Logistics, Digital Marketing & More as an add-on to your standard degree courses.

Microtec Educational Services

We boarded the ship 24 years back as an educational service community, catering to the educational dreams of many. We are all about aiding you to get into your dream university.

Microtec Events

Education stretches far beyond books and academia, even the right exposure will mould your knowledge and opportunities. Microtec events has conducted international educational expos bringing in proven celebrities and industry experts under one stage.

MBA B Schools

The complete answer for your whole MBA Queries. The informational website will have a storehouse of information for all MBA related questions, MBA colleges and much more.

College Mentor

Finding the right college can be hectic, well, not anymore. College Mentor is the answer for all your college related doubts, added with reviews, comments and more your favorite college.