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  • Is it possible for me to get an Internship in Microtec during my degree?

    Yes! Student internships are going to be your first step for a fruitful career ahead.

  • How can I be a part of the Microtec Educational Community?

    Once you sign up for either our admission services or educational expos, you are a part of the educational community and as you know the perks are many!

  • I don’t know if I should study in India or Abroad? Will Microtec guide me?

    Book our career counselling session Here and we’ll provide the entire map ahead for you.

  • Will there be placements after completing my degree through Microtec Skills?

    Yes! Through Microtec HR and other means, if you have what it takes, then the placement is all yours.

  • Will there be any handling fees for Abroad Admission?

  • Which are the prominent countries that Microtec provides abroad admission services to?

    UK, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden and so much more

  • How do I join any of the courses offered by Microtec Skills?

    We offer our programmes in Sadanam College, ICA College, MTM College and more are being added to the list, you can register here to know more. (Link)

  • How does Microtec HR work? Will I get placement after my education?

    Microtec HR will make sure you get the right placement, yes! If you have the needed skills and a well backed CV, the job is all yours.

  • How do I attend any of the Educational Expos organised by Microtec?

    The Educational Expos of Microtec, The Career Journey and The MBA Journey will for sure broaden your educational world. Register through our website to be notified about the festivals soon.

  • How does Microtec make available Scholarships for students?

    By offering a platter of Scholarships from diverse backgrounds, we make sure you get the scholarship that is right for you through our professional team.